Washing Instructions Guide

Do not bleach!

Do not bleach! A triangle with an X through it simply means that you should not bleach this item.

Hand Wash Only

The hand gives it away with this one. Bring hand and wash together and what do you get? Hand wash any clothes with this symbol.

Gentle Cycle

A double line represents a wool wash that needs a gentle cycle. Think of the double line as ‘double the thickness’ for the material and you should be able to remember this one.

Synthetic Wash

One single line means a synthetic wash, which should be on a medium cycle. The temperature should match the label.

No Dry Cleaning

Stay clear of the dry cleaners and your clothes will thank you for it – a washing symbol that saves you money!

Cotton Wash

This is a cotton wash on the hottest temperature your washing machine has. The double line earlier represented thick wool, no line should remind you of a ‘thin’ material cotton.

Tumble Drier Friendly

You can throw your clothes in the dryer if they have this symbol. A clear circle in a box means all clear for the tumble dryer, it even looks like a tumble dryer!

NOT Tumble Drier Friendly

Bringing us to the opposite symbol, same with a cross means don’t use the tumble dryer. The best way to remember this one is that it looks like a tumble dryer and the cross means “No”.

Dry Flat

Think of the line as your clothing flat on a table. This square symbol is asking you to dry your clothes flat if you can.

No Ironing

A symbol that needs no explanation, iron and an X means ‘no ironing’. So if you are struggling with getting rid of any kinks then check for the other drying laundry symbols listed above.

Cool Iron

Good news for some. You can use a cool iron to keep this item of clothing looking hot. Bad news for anyone that doesn’t like ironing!

Warm Iron

The dots represent the temperature of the iron. Two dots means that you should keep the iron warm but not too hot for this garment.

Hot Iron

Stepping it up to three dots means it is time to make your iron hot hot hot! Just remember to keep the iron moving, you don’t want an iron shaped hole in your favourite item of clothing.