Sourcing Guide

  1. For what purpose are the garments being used
  2. How many garments do you want
  3. Have you got a specific budget to work to (either total or individual)
  4. When do you want them delivered
  5. Will the garments be individually bagged or flat packed
  6. Will the garments be sent to one location, if so tell us the full address with any delivery restrictons
  7. What sizes do you want – see size guide
  8. Are the garments for men, women or children
  9. What colour garments do you want. We can only pantone match on bespoke items
  10. Would you like a totally bespoke item of clothing for pantone matched designs
  11. Any bespoke orders will require an upfront payment and will usually take 12 – 14 weeks to deliver from order confirmation if Far east supply.
  12. What type of branding do you require, Embroidery, screen  print, transfer, Direct to Garment, Laser engraving.
  13. Send your artwork to us, so that we can determine colours or if embroidery stitch count
  14. Neck Label changes can be performed on selected items subject to supply of neck labels.
  15. Consider your packaging requirements such as inserts, barcodes, bag stickers, group packing.
  16. Will this be a likely repeat order or a one off usage
  17. Any technical information on the clothing required, waterproof,  lightweight, medium or heavyweight, polycotton mix, material.
  18. Do the garments need to be Certified and accredited garments with Fairtrade Cotton.
  19. Quotes can be supplied showing individual costings by line or can be consolidated for ease.