A-Z Glossary

A range of terms Used within the promotional clothing industry

Anti-Pill Finish

A treatment which reduces the formation of little balls/pills on a synthetic fabric’s surface due to abrasion n during wear.

Acid Wash

A fabric of garment treatment using a bleach solution to produce a streaked or discolored appearance.

Bonded (Fabric)

2 layers of fabric joined together using an adhesive or chemical process.


A finishing process using wire rollers to give fabric a raised, soft handle.


A natural, cellulosic fibre best known for its comfort, softness and breathability when in fabric form.

Combed Cotton

Cotton that has had the shorter fibres removed resulting in a finer smoother yarn.


The resistance to colour change or fading caused by sunlight, washing or wearing.

Drop Tail

A garment with a longer back section than front. In shirting terms this ensures it stays tucked in when required, though often used in T shirts etc as styling point only.

Easy Iron

A special finish to the surface of the fabric which reduces creases and minimises ironing.


A type of woven fabric with alternating dark and light threads resulting in subtle colour interest.

Flatlock / Flat stitch

A type of stitch that covers & joins the edges of 2 fabrics when butted together to form a flat seam. Can also be used as decorative top stitching.

French Terry

A type of knitted fabric that is flat on one side but has loops on the other: most commonly used in sweatshirts, hoodies and trackpants.


A type of soft, bulky fabric most commonly made from polyester and known for its easy care and quick dry properties.

Garment Dyed

A dyeing process that occurs after the garment is assembled.

Garment Washing

A treatment given to a garment or fabric to further change or modify the appearance (eg stone washing), increase softness or to minimise shrinkage.

Grin Stitch

Single row of uneven stitching that goes across seams, used on hems for a distressed look.


A type of twill design typically in woven fabrics and recognisable by the distinctive zig-zag or chevron pattern.

Hanger Loop

Small fabric loop on back yoke for hanging the garment or as an additional styling point.


A soft and stretchy double-jersey, knitted fabric featuring same, smooth appearance on both sides.

Kangaroo Pocket

A patch-style pocket on lower front of garment; usually found on hoodies.

Locker patch

A semi-circular panel sewn into the inside back neck of a garment, just under the collar seam, to reinforce the garment and minimise stretching.


A man-made, regenerated (non-synthetic) fibre made from wood pulp. (see also Tencel®)


A yarn consisting of 2 or more different fibres (colour or fibre type) to give colour interest and/or to create blend fibres.


A yarn consisting of a of other, differently-coloured and narrower yarns twisted together to create colour interest.


A particularly fine synthetic fibre often used in knitted & woven fabric to create softness.


A fuzzy, fur-like feel created when fibre ends extend from the basic fabric structure to the fabric surface. The fabric can be napped on one or both sides.

Organic Cotton

Non genetically-modified (GM) cotton grown without the use of synthetic or toxic pesticides and fertilisers.


A mid-weight, woven casual-shirting fabric using both dyed and white yarns to give both subtle textural and colour interest.


A process in which (already dyed) fabrics or garments are put through an additional dye colour to add an overtone.


A synthetic fibre made from petroleum. May be used on own or blended with other fibres.

Peach Finish

A finish given to a fabric which “sands” the surface to give a soft and velvet-type handle.


A type of woven fabric made using finer threads to give a smooth and lighter-weight result: commonly used for shirts.

Pigment Dye

A colouration process that results in a weathered/washed out look.


A knitted fabric, often used in polo shirts, that has a textured/raised surface.


A type of sleeve where the seam reaches diagonally from collarbone to underarm.


The Recycled form of PET (polyethylene terephthalate). PET, derived from petroleum, is the most common variety of polyester and used to make plastic drinks bottles etc.

Self Fabric

A fabric piece (or tape) made from same fabric as main garment.


Yarn that has been specially spun to have thicker sections, resulting in an uneven textured fabric.

Single Jersey

A type of fabric, most commonly used for T-shirts, that has a smooth surface and slightly piled back and that offers good stretch.

Taped Back Neck

Tape attached over the neck seam to give a smooth and comfortable finish.


Tencel®, by Lenzing, is a eco-friendly and sustainable lyocell cellulosic fibre made using a closed-loop process noted for its silk-like drape.

Twin-Needle (also known as double needle stitching)

Parallel rows of stitching on one side with loops on other to both give seam stretch and to cover the raw fabric edge. Usually found on hems and sleeve ends.

Viscose (or Rayon)

A man made cellulosic fibre chemically extracted from wood.


The ability of a fibre or a fabric to disperse moisture and allow it to pass through to the surface, so that evaporation can take place.

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