Branding Techniques

We have prepared some videos that show various branding techniques that you can download and share

The Branding Options? There are many options available for branding however each process has different benefits. Here are the main processes.

  • Embroidery: Associated with quality branding, limitations to where it can be placed on the garment due to framing.
  • Screen print: Ideal decorating process, allowing pantone matching and can be up to 8 colours+. Cost effective at 75 -100 garments.
  • Transfer Print: A processed print, ideal for lower quantities and for high detail prints such as photographs / product shots etc.
  • Direct to Garment or Digital Printing: Similar to transfer print, however the image is sprayed directly onto the garment offering a softer feel over transfer.
  • Laser Engraving: The new kid on the block, ideally suited to fleece, softshell and denim. Offers a fantastic alternative for subtle branding however the image lasered will only be as the colour of the garment.